Projet EURO SI – F1 In Schools

Octobre 2022

What is F1 in Schools?

F1 in Schools is a worldwide challenge organized by Formula 1 in many
countries of the globe. It involves engineering, marketing, and communication in a challenging
project. The goal is to make the fastest scaled-down version of a Formula 1 that will be launched on
a 25m long ramp with the only way of propulsion being an air cartridge. During this project,
engineering is critical, but marketing and communication are as important as having a great car. In
addition, you need a lot of budgets, which means a lot of sponsors. This is why the economic aspect
of competition is as important as engineering.

What are the different teams at Lycée Jean Mermoz?

In Lycée Jean Mermoz, we have three teams.
First of all, we have Dynamis Racing. This team consists of 6 people: Luc BERNHARDT, the Team
Leader; Titouan SOMMEN, the Head of Engineering and Design; Nathan ROBERT, the Aerodynamic
Engineer; Theo BRANDL, the Manufacturing Engineer; Yoan GEREBZOFF, the Head of Business and
Marketing, and Amaury JEANTET, the Marketing and Community Manager. Don’t forget to follow
them on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, @dynamisf1. They also have an internet site, Merch will also be available soon, so stay tuned! Two other teams also
participate at Lycée Jean Mermoz: F⨷RTUNA and Nitrorace. F⨷RTUNA is made of Francisco
The team Nitrorace consists of Enia VONACH, Evan FERRY, Adrien CROSS, Cloé RIGAULT, and Elouan

How to win F1 in Schools?

First of all, the competition is split into different parts. The goal is to make the
fastest car and have a special team, excellent planning, great drawings, and superb marketing and
communication. All those criteria come into play when the final note is attributed to the team. For
instance, the time the car takes to race is only a fourth of the final grade. Every team needs an
excellent work repartition because every aspect of the competition matters. The competition
happens first at a national part before qualifying for the world championship. In France, only the top
3 teams get a chance to go to the world championships in Singapore this year.
This is why we need your support throughout this competition. If you know an enterprise ready to
sponsor the teams, please contact Mr.Naegelen.

Thank you for reading!